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Our team of professionals, with decades of experience, is dedicated to helping people overcome life’s health challenges. Whether someone needs specialized mental health services, family practice care, or addiction treatment, Freeman Health Partners and Cigna Healthcare in Nashville have it covered. We’re not just a healthcare provider. We’re a partner in the journey to wellness.

The Partnership Between Freeman Health Partners and Cigna Healthcare in Nashville, TN

We’ve teamed up with Cigna in Nashville, one of the prominent health insurance providers in the country, to deliver affordable services. It’s essential to understand how our partnership with Cigna works to maximize the benefits. By accepting Cigna Healthcare, we enable our patients to take advantage of insurance coverage for multiple treatment options.

These cover a wide range of services, including mental health services, family practice, and addiction treatment. Accordingly, the extent of coverage depends on various factors like the specific Cigna marketplace plan or employer-offered plan. Our goal is to ensure that patients are covered while receiving the best possible care.

We encourage anyone with Cigna Healthcare in Nashville interested in learning more to reach out as questions arise. We have highly-trained consultants ready to help individuals understand their healthcare payment options with Cigna in Nashville.

About Cigna Healthcare

At Freeman Health Partners, we’re committed to providing high-quality healthcare services. Therefore, one of our trusted partners in this mission is Cigna Healthcare. Cigna’s comprehensive insurance plans and network partnerships provide lower costs while maintaining access to vital healthcare services. For patients in Nashville, TN, and the surrounding areas, using Cigna Healthcare plans forms a roadmap to quality, affordable healthcare.

Choosing the Right Cigna Healthcare Plan

Cigna in Nashville, TN offers many health insurance options to choose from. Whether choosing a plan through the marketplace, an employer plan, or an exclusive provider organization (EPO), these plans provide coverage for a variety of medical, mental health, and substance use disorder services. At Freeman Health Partners, we’ll help patients navigate their plan’s benefits and treatment options. Thus, ensuring that their plan aligns with both their healthcare needs and budget.

Wide Network of Hospitals and Doctors

Collaboration is central to Cigna’s healthcare strategy. They’ve built a comprehensive network of high-quality hospitals and medical professionals. Thereby, ensuring that patients have access to the care they need, wherever they are. Freeman Health Partners is proud to be a part of this network, offering our range of services to Cigna Healthcare members.

Comprehensive Coverage Options

Cigna’s coverage options are solid, extending beyond traditional medical care to include mental health and substance use disorder treatments. This expanded coverage is essential, given the increasing recognition of mental health as a critical aspect of overall wellness.

Comparing Different Plan Options

Central to Cigna’s versatility is the extent of its plan options. From the Cigna Gold plan, ideal for families and individuals with ongoing health concerns, to the lower-cost Cigna Bronze plan, there’s a plan to suit varied needs and budgets. As individuals explore plan options, they should consider not just the cost, but also the services they’re most likely to need. If they foresee needing specialist care, for instance, understand how that service is covered under each plan they’re considering.

Affordable Premiums and Co-pays

Affordability is a key aspect of Cigna’s service offering. They offer competitive premiums and co-pays. Still, it’s crucial to verify this information regularly, as fees and coverage change. Also, consider what portion of costs the member is responsible for beyond co-pays, such as deductible and any coinsurance.

Primary Care Physicians and Specialists

With Cigna Healthcare in Nashville, members have access to a network of primary care physicians and specialists for all their health needs. While certain plans require a referral to see a specialist, others provide more direct specialist access. Evaluating this aspect of Cigna’s benefits before settling on a plan is essential to ensure specific healthcare needs are met.

Utilizing Preventive Care Services

Utilizing preventive care services is a key part of maintaining good health. And Cigna Healthcare offers comprehensive coverage for these services. Regular check-ups, screenings, and vaccinations often catch health issues early, before they become serious, and are usually covered at no extra cost. Notably, mental health screenings are included, aligning with a comprehensive approach to mental health coverage.

Ultimately, insurance details can change over time. So, always check directly with the healthcare provider and plan administrator to confirm coverage information before scheduling a visit or procedure.

About Freeman Health Partners

Freeman Health Partners is dedicated to offering comprehensive healthcare services in Nashville, TN, and surrounding areas. Collaborating with Cigna Healthcare has enabled us to provide even more affordable options for the community to receive quality mental health services, family practice, and addiction treatments.

Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatment

At Freeman, tackling mental health disorders is a mission we hold dear. Considering that more than 1 in 5 U.S. adults live with a mental illness, as reported by the National Institute of Mental Health, the importance stands out even more. Therefore, to address these disturbing statistics we’ve increased our mental health services. This has been possible through the coverage offered by Cigna Healthcare. Thus, allowing us to provide accessible psychiatric services.

Freeman also recognizes the challenges attached to alcoholism and substance abuse. So, we make it our responsibility to fight against addiction and its effects on individuals and families. Offering outpatient detox programs coupled with medication-assisted treatment (MAT) makes it easier for our patients to confront their struggles head-on.

MAT Services

Overcoming substance use disorders requires a holistic approach that addresses every aspect of addiction. Our medication-assisted treatment (MAT) is one such specialized service, designed to meet patients’ unique needs. It’s an integrated recovery process that blends FDA-approved medications with evidence-based practices. This approach helps individuals regain control of their lives and ensure long-term wellness.

Psychiatric Services

Maintaining mental health is equally crucial for achieving well-being. Our on-staff Nashville psychiatrists are equipped to deliver exceptional care to children, teens, and adults in need of psychiatric services. Strategies cover a broad spectrum of treatments to ensure individuals with Cigna Healthcare in Nashville find the personalized mental health support they need.


We’re aware that navigating life’s challenges may be overwhelming and emotional support is paramount. Our Counseling services offer a safe, supportive environment where individuals can express their thoughts freely, develop coping mechanisms, and work toward personal growth.

Family Practice

A sound healthcare approach includes caring for patients of all ages, from infants to the elderly. Our Family Practice Service, covered by Cigna Healthcare, emphasizes comprehensive health maintenance and disease prevention. Our team careers for patients on their healthcare journey, helping to prevent or delay health problems while managing existing conditions.

Drug Testing

Monitoring progress is an essential part of our comprehensive care. Drug testing services, available to those with Cigna Healthcare, are a crucial part of our approach. Consequently, they help track patients’ progress and implement adaptive treatment strategies.


Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) is a non-invasive procedure that employs magnetic fields to stimulate nerve cells in the brain. It’s an innovative treatment for depression and is another specialized, covered service available to Cigna Healthcare patients.

Anxiety & Depression Assessments

Regular screenings and assessments for anxiety and depression are offered to ensure early detection and timely, effective intervention. Our team offers personalized care plans based on these screenings. Therefore, setting the stage for an integrative and holistic approach to mental health care.

Depression Treatment

At Freeman, we understand coping with depression requires combined treatment strategies. Accordingly, our depression treatment plans combine medication, therapy, and lifestyle changes. Each plays an integral role in helping individuals lead balanced lives.

Anxiety Treatment

In a world where stressors abound, anxiety disorders disrupt life as we know it. Our anxiety treatment services offer therapeutic solutions to improve patients’ lives.

Primary Care

Primary Care forms the cornerstone of our health system. And we offer all-encompassing services to those with Cigna Healthcare in Nashville. With a focus on promoting well-being, disease prevention, patient education, and the diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic illnesses, we serve as the first point of contact for all health-related concerns.

Cigna Healthcare Nashville Services at Freeman Health Partners

Freeman Health Partners leads the industry with a diversified treatment approach. Our experience, coupled with Cigna’s in-depth coverage, offers a personalized pathway for dealing with daily obstacles and achieving long-term wellness. Here, patients find quality services and treatments backed by our commitment to using the latest techniques, best practices, and cutting-edge technologies.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and Cigna Healthcare in Nashville, TN.